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Shalala Homes promises each and every tenant a very comfortable experience and customer support and for house owner's we're the most affordable property management in Windsor, Ontario.

Our management fee starts from $49 per month.

Managing over 240 doors in town.

What we offer?

Why do you need us?

A house is just like a human body and it needs to be taken care of very well and just like a doctor for a human body, property management for a house is very important for the health of the unit.

Property Management

What do we do once you hire us to manage your property? From then, your house is like our house. We do regular inspections in the house just to make sure nothing is messed up. We even guide the tenants about how to take care of the plumbing and furnace every now and then. There won't be any delay in the rent as we guarantee rent to be transferred to your account on the first of every month. You won't be having the headache of dealing with the tenants complains every now and then. It's us who's going to respond to their complains 24/7.


Just got a new property? Here's why you should give us a call! Once you get a property, you'll be confused about how to rent it out! We'll always have people who're looking for good places to rent and especially as Windsor is a student hub, as long as we're here, we won't let you regret buying an investment property.


Finding a good renovator in town is always a big hassle. No more hassle as we do renovations too now. From fixing a dry wall to building a whole basement, we're available to help you out with the best quotes too. Contact us via call / text or mail for us to come see your unit and then discuss about making it even more attractive.


Nobody's buying your property? It has to be presentable to be sold my dear! We can stage your property starting at just $1999 which will change your house to a home! So that the buyers can picture themselves living there once they enter the unit for a showing & congratulations to you, you'll unit will be sold for sure!

Properties for rent

Property 1

570 South St

3 bed / 1 bath

Fully furnished

$1999 all inclusive

Many More...

Property 2

2490 Mcdougal St

4 bed / 2 bath


$1999 + utilities

Many More...

Property 3

1640 Wyandotte St W

Private rooms


$475 all inclusive

Many More...



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House Owners

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